Painting as shooting

Liu Xiaodong Painting as shooting

Texts by Jens Faurschou, Jérôme Sans, and Liu Xiaodong
Edited by Kristian Eley, Katrine Winther, and Maria Grzywacz

This book was published by Faurschou on the occasion of the exhibition Painting as Shooting curated by Jérôme Sans. Painting as Shooting was conceived as an exhibition in three chapters, produced by Faurschou Foundation, in Venice, Beijing, and Copenhagen.

The book explores Liu Xiaodong’s unique practice, as one of China’s most influential painters, and offers insight into a unique selection of some of the artist’s most important projects from the last decade.

Liu Xiaodong’s work focuses subtly, yet forcefully on the deeply rooted convergence of social and environmental moments in our contemporary life. Liu Xiaodong (b. 1963) is regarded as one of the leading figurative painters of the “New Generation” of 1990s’ Contemporary Chinese Realism and one of China’s foremost artists. Although he is a key figure of that generation, his unique practice is considerably different from, and much more complex than that of the other painters in the group. He sees and depicts humanity in our ever-evolving world with a universal perspective on global transformation, not with a China-centric perspective.

Liu Xiaodong with Jèrôme Sans, Venice, 2015. Photo by Yu Hong © Xiaodong Studio