In the press – March 2023

T Magazine, The New York Times

T Magazine, The New York Times


Works by Yoko Ono, Louise Bourgeois and Miles Greenberg, Shown Together in Brooklyn

by Jinnie Lee Hiding in plain sight on a residential street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is the 17,000-square-foot industrial warehouse turned private museum Faurschou New York. Founded in 2019 by the Danish art collector Jens Faurschou (who also has a museum in Beijing), the sprawling space will host, starting this Saturday, “Embrace the World From Within,” a group show of work by Yoko Ono, Louise Bourgeois and Miles Greenberg. Each artist occupies one of three adjoining galleries: Greenberg’s piece “The Embrace,” featuring two nude performers who hold each other for six hours while sitting atop a shared rock, leads to Bourgeois’s hanging bird nest sculpture “Fée Couturière” (“Fairy Dressmaker”) around the corner. “I love big installations, but they also have to talk to you. They should have a political view or a point of view about identity,” says Faurschou of his approach to choosing which art to show. “It has to hit the stomach.” Ono’s grand-scale “Ex It,” on display alongside her installation “We’re All Water,” seems likely to do that: It’s 100 coffins, each with a tree growing from it. “It takes the biggest room,” Faurschou notes. “Embrace the World From Within” is on view April 1 through Sept. 17 Read full article here