In the news – May 2023

Harper's Bazaar

Harper's Bazaar

Miles Greenberg Has No Fear

The 25-year-old performance artist puts his body through extreme feats in full devotion to his craft by Stephanie Sporn “Where’s Miles?” After observing The Embrace, a mesmerizing piece of performance art in which two strangers enclosed in a glass cube sit atop a large stone caressing for six-plus hours, I decide it’s finally time to introduce myself to the work’s mastermind, Miles Greenberg.

“Miles is in the cube,” says the PR representative for Copenhagen-based Faurschou's New York exhibition space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where the performance is occurring alongside works by Yoko Ono and Louise Bourgeois. Puzzled, as moments before I saw the artist mingling and proudly snapping pictures of the performance, I retreat back to the darkly lit room. Stepping closer to the cube still inhabited by one of the original performers, I now find myself face-to-face with the nearly naked Greenberg, who, donning ghostly, pupil-less lenses, seemingly gazes into my soul. Read full article here