Press release – February 2021

Christian Lemmertz: The Last of Us at Faurschou New York

Christian Lemmertz: The Last of Us at Faurschou New York

German artist Christian Lemmerz works with and against technology in his upcoming solo exhibition in New York, March 5 – June 27, 202. The result is an entirely new type of digitally conceived marble sculptures.

Faurschou reveals a new solo exhibition by Christian Lemmerz at Faurschou New York. In The Last of Us, Lemmerz unfolds a new method of working with marble sculpture combining 3D scanning, algorithms, and machining, with a human touch that challenges and distorts the process. The exhibition comprises one bust and five full-body ghostly variations of the human figure, which blend traditions of marble sculpture-making with the digital era.

Lemmerz is known for his characteristic marble sculptures and for mastering the technique of marble carving. Yet, in his latest exhibition, he pushes the boundaries of his craft: In his latest body of work, Lemmerz explores the potential of modern technologies by 3D scanning human models in movement, using a computer to manipulate the results, and finally having a machine drill the sculptures directly out of marble slabs.

“The sculptures are new archetypes for our digital era. Intentionally, I excluded my own hands in the sculpting process, allowing the computer to manifest itself in the carving of the works. I wanted to redefine the potential of the ancient material of marble, which carries such a long tradition throughout history. Marble is no longer a pure and timeless material. It has been contaminated with and through art history, kitsch, and myth,” Christian Lemmerz explains.

Visitors to Faurschou New York can also experience Lemmerz’s work in the current group exhibition The Red Bean Grows in the South, which has been prolonged until April 11 and runs alongside Lemmerz’s solo show, which is scheduled to end June 27. Admission to Faurschou New York is free, and online booking in advance is required to visit the exhibitions.

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