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Miles Greenberg

The Embrace, 2020

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6 hours

In Miles Greenberg’s performance The Embrace, two performers, blinded by white contact lenses, sit on a large rock in a glass cube. Meeting for the first time, the two lock in an intimate embrace, gradually coalescing into one sculptural form. The amalgam of the two figures is reflected from below by a pool of saltwater. Overhead, a steady drip of fresh water quietly feeds into the reservoir, disrupting the reflective surface. The two waters fuse invisibly, like an estuary enclosing the couple’s feet. With this enfolded composition, Greenberg turns the two bodies into a monument for the audience to study. The performers’ white contact lenses act as a barrier between the performers and the viewers’ gaze, drawing attention to the physical experience of the shapes and spaces appearing in the embrace. Acrylic cube with stone, sea and lake water

Faurschou New York